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WEkEO v1: Connect Directly to Copernicus Data & Powerful Cloud Processing Tools
We are pleased to announce that the WEkEO V1 version will be available June 17th 2020 and offers a range of improvements and new functionalities.
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Have an idea for an app to fight COVID-19? Use WEkEO data & computing for free
WEkEO DIAS cloud computing services, along with its extensive portfolio of Earth observation data, will be offered free of charge for all projects fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Webinar n.7: Air Quality Monitoring using Copernicus Sentinel data
Discover what makes WEkEO unique in a series of webinars, continuing with this thematic session on AQ monitoring.
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Webinar n.6: Multitemporal Vision using Copernicus Sentinel data
Discover what makes WEkEO unique in a series of webinars, continuing with this thematic session on multitemporal vision.
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A platform for all audiences

WEkEO supports European member states as well as national, European and international policy makers, agencies and related bodies regarding their respective environmental control, monitoring and standardisation activities.
WEkEO supports the private sector in their initiatives: to develop their respective projects and applications; to transform Copernicus data for their specific business needs; and to promote their work.
WEkEO supports environmental scientists in their research and publication by providing them state-of-the-art environmental data and cloud-based processing capabilities and tools.
WEkEO shares its knowledge of the environment with all citizens and works with many communities to bring environmental awareness to all.

Data in a nutshell

Sentinel satellites
S1  S2  S3  S5P
with processing levels
L1 to L4
Copernicus services
A wide range of data
In-situ data
In a single, harmonised place
Explore WEkEO's catalogue using the interactive Data Discovery Platform. Found useful datasets? Access the data you need online or from your own cloud resources, using a unified REST API.